The Fantastic Blog Challenge – Day XIX


I don’t really have any nicknames. My Australian friend, from Perth, has taken to calling me “The Bastard.” I’m not sure why though; I believe it’s because I “drink to be well.” But it sounds pretty cool so I think I’ll take it. I like to imagine that when people hear I’m called “The Bastard” they imagine a dude dressed like Lemmy from the cover of Ace of  Spades. I think that’s what happens. That’s certainly what I imagine.


Day 15

Put your iPod on shuffle & share the first 10 songs that play.


this should be interesting;

1) Piano Black, cowboy bebeop

2)Fashion, Lady GaGa

3)Social Riot Machine, The Gazette

4)Space Lion, Cowboy Bebop

5)Heaven on Earth, Britney Spears

6)Fukai Mori, do as infinity

7)Crescendolls, Daft Punk

8)Mad World, Gary Jules

9)Video Girl, Alice in videoland

10)Show me Love(extended), TaTu

The Fantastic Blog Challenge – Day XVIII

This challenge is really obsessed with my dreams and goals. List your short term goals, list your goals and dreams, list twenty goals.

I am not that goddamned ambitious. It’s not a lie to say that I rarely plan for the future and I live day to day. Long term plans consist mostly of going places, getting a job, maybe starting a band. That kind of thing.

I’m in the process of hitting the big food coma here so, man, fuck this nonsense. Plotting beyond next month really doesn’t appeal to me. Plans crumble, people flake, a tsunami destroys the place you planned on vacationing.


The Fantastic Blog Challenge – Day Thanksgiving!

The day I’m supposed to talk about who I would change lives with happens to fall on Thanksgiving this year. I’m not normally the sentimental cunt but as much as there are times I wish I could be anywhere outside of my life I’m pretty happy with it. So, on one hand: Fuck that. On the other hand, here’s a list of five people I think it would be cool to be.

I. Jeff Goldblum – Good voice, can talk about just about anything and people will enjoy it.

II. Jason Statham – I would spend all day just looking at myself in the mirror.

III. A dead guy – What’s it like being dead? I don’t know. I bet it’s like being alive but with more parasites burrowing through you.

IV. A girl I was about to have sex with – What is it like having sex with myself? Only one way to find out. This would require somehow splitting my mind in half though rather than a swap. Otherwise she might foul up the whole thing.

V. A shark – Totally just roaming the sea being a merciless motherfucker.

The Fantastic Blog Challenge – Day XVI

I fucking hate centipedes. They disturb me on a deep, primal level. I can’t remember any incident where I might have developed a fear of them from my childhood. The only real time I encountered them was during a trip to Mammoth Cave when I was five or six and my mom just told me that some of them were poisonous. So I just stepped on them when I had the chance even though some of them were pretty big. So I suppose that even then I disliked them but my reaction at the time wasn’t to cringe in fear. I even remember having a rubber centipede that I played with a lot as a child; I even stuck the thing in my mouth on occasion. Perhaps one of man’s greatest and most ancient fears is the terrifying centipede and this primeval dread awakened in me at some point in the past three years. It’s a goddamn mystery.

The Fantastic Blog Challenge – Day XV

Right, so I put Blister, who’s a Zune and not an iPod, on random and some noises came out:

I. Talking Heads – Love = Building on Fire

Talking Heads wrote good songs. Fact.

II. Talking Heads – Electric Guitar

See previous commentary.

III. The Cramps – Lonesome Town

Sad shit from the Cramps.

IV. Venom – Raise the Dead (demo)

Venom aren’t really as scary as they’d like you to think.

V. Doomsword – MCXIX

Vikings… from Italy!

VI. Pentagram – All Your Sins

They played this live when I saw them at MDF this year. YOU CAN NEVER WIN!

VII. Accept – Don’t Go Stealing My Soul Away

This song is pretty cool. I like to sing the chorus and pretend I’m playing guitar a lot. Udo is pretty much as tall as he sounds.

VIII. Mutilated – Funerarium

I don’t really know this song but it sounds pretty cool despite the fact that the drum sounds like a trash can.

IX. Nouvelle Vague – Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Cute girls singing cool goth songs.

X. Cirith Ungol – Join the Legion

A cool song from my favorite band. This one’s off their worst album but this song’s as good as anything from their best.

The Fantastic Blog Challenge – Day XIV

What I had for dinner and ten confessions (about the dinner!)


I. The fish I ate was not this fish

II. I’m not sure which fish it was.

III. It was a good fish

IV. But I’ve had better.

V. There was also pasta that were shaped like little bowties.

VI. I think the fish should have had little bowties.

VII. The fries were burnt but I didn’t complain.

VIII. Also, a little soggy.

IX. I still thought it was pretty good.

X. Everyone else had chicken, I felt pretty special.