The Fantastic Blog Challenge – Day XX

So I have three wishes apparently. This is really a hassle because I have to be very specific with my language so that the genie/monkey’s paw/spooky idol doesn’t kill someone or make me chop my own head off or bring back any terrible zombies. In the end it’s really easier to just not wish for things.

But I’ll play your game this time:

Wish I: I want to get drunk with Lemmy and Shane MacGowan (preferably before he lost his teeth!).

This seems like a pretty awesome idea. I bet they have great stories and later on we’d go out on the town and cause a ruckus.

Wish II: Travel back in time to the 1970s to make out with Christina Lindberg.

I’ve developed an obsession with this woman lately and I refuse to get any help about it. I’d probably want to end up boning her but I’d honestly be satisfied with just feeling her up some. Totally hot, totally Swedish!

Wish III: While I’m back in the 70s I figure I can just catch a plane to New York and catch an early Ramones show.

It’s pretty self-explanatory.


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